In the month of December the weather is amazing in Ethiopia, Enjoy this Christmas of the unique cultural heritage, rich history and remarkable biodiversity of Ethiopia!

Learn about the best tours to get to know Ethiopia during the December dates.


A journey to the Ethiopia’s historic ruins

Africa is not just a safari!
A trip to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and the oldest independent country in the world. Since the introduction of Christianity in the 4th century, it is the only Christian nation in Africa, surrounded by Islamic countries. It is a landlocked country where the Great Rift Valley runs and is approximately three times larger than Japan. An ancient civilization flourished with ruins dating back more than 3 million years.

Ethiopia has a natural heritage and eight cultural heritages. On this tour, the «Simen National Park», which is said to be the roof of Africa, with alpine overlap, the archaeological site of the Aksum Kingdom that flourished in the gold and ivory trade around the 4th century BC, the capital of Ethiopia from 1632 to 1855. You will visit the «Imlehane Christoph» Church that was built by digging a monolith in the northeastern part of the Ethiopian plateau.


Exploring ethnic culture Southern Ethiopia Tour

Touch ethnic minorities, culture, and nature
7-night 8-day trip to and from the South
Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic nation with over 80 different ethnic groups. Many ethnic minorities live, especially in the south, and you can visit their villages and feel their culture and life up close. Meet unique and colorful peoples and learn about Ethiopian culture as you fly and fly.

In addition to visiting cultural cities and villages, you can also experience nature in the national parks, and you can fully enjoy the highlights of southern Ethiopia. We also offer carefully selected experienced guides, drivers, and relaxing hotels to ensure that you have peace of mind in the area.


World’s toughest tour of hell in Ethiopia 6 days

Danakil Desert, Elta Are Volcano
Unknown Earth
The Danakil Desert spreads in eastern Africa, northeastern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea. At an altitude of 116m above sea level, the temperature is close to 50℃ in summer and exceeds 40℃ in winter, and it is known as the hottest place for humankind to live in.

Due to such harsh conditions, it is called the world’s toughest tour, but the scenery that can be seen that much is something that can not be thought of on the earth.

‘Caravan’ like a scene of a movie where camels walk in a row, ‘Dalol volcano’, a miracle of nature that has been built over the years, ‘Elta Are volcano’ that has been active since ancient times, etc. The scenery as if you were on the planet spreads in front of you.

‘Notendomari’ where you can see the stars as you blend in with nature, peek into the magma boiling like hell from the edge of a volcano, and an exciting and extraordinary experience awaits you.

The best season for the Danakil Desert is from November to February when the dry season is relatively cool.