Africa is an immensely diverse continent, so it will be difficult to collect information on all the Christmas gastronomy of each of its territories in a single article, but through this we can give you some curious facts about several of its countries at Christmas.

Do not stay without reading a single one that we will provide you:


In South Africa it is possible to celebrate Christmas on the beach, it is filled with families enjoying traditional Christmas roasts, where plum pudding, turkey and meat pies are never lacking.

On the other hand, in Ghana the usual Christmas dinner is okra soup and fufu, in Liberia cookies, rice and meat, in Zimbabwe jam, bread, tea and goat meat, in Kenya meat roast goat and Tuskers beer, and in South Africa turkey or suckling pig accompanied by vegetables, raisins, yellow rice and plum pudding. In most cases it is about community lunches and dinners in the open air.

Among the Kikuyu and Masai tribes there are certain parts of the goat that are intended only for children and for other people, generally women. Goat meat is eaten hot on the charcoal grill and must be eaten all at once. However, there are less fortunate families that cannot eat goat meat and eat chicken on these dates, accompanied by rice, ugali, chapatis and wiki sukuma.

On the other hand, in Egypt a strictly vegan diet is followed, in which animal meat or any food that comes from them is not eaten. It is what is known as “the festive fast of the nativity”. Afterwards, a special religious service is held that begins at 10:00 p.m. and usually lasts until 4:00 a.m. When they return home, they enjoy all those foods that they had deprived themselves of.