The little ones in the house can enjoy starting the year knowing a little more about this little unexplored continent, compared to how varied and big it is.

So read to the end and pass on the knowledge to the children in the family:


– In Africa lives 15% of the total world population.

-There are more than 3,000 different ethnic groups and tribes that live on this continent and that despite globalization still maintain their customs.

-Rwanda has more gender equality than the US.

-It is the second largest continent on Earth.

-The hippopotamus kills more Africans than the lion, the great white shark and the crocodile combined.

-1,500 different languages. Although most countries speak Arabic, English or French, Africa has more than 1,500 indigenous languages.

The tallest animal of all is the giraffe. Some can measure 6 meters, like a 3-storey building.

Algeria is the largest African country.

-The African elephant is the largest animal in the world.

-It is estimated that the population of Africa will double by the year 2050.