Mozambique is one of the most exciting countries in Africa.

It is a country that has impressive tourism potential. That is why many people decide to go to this country for their vacations, a vacation between the savannah and the sea.

So in this post you will know some of the most interesting curiosities of Mozambique.


1- Mozambique gets its name from the island of Mozambique (derived from Musa Al Big or Mossa Al Bique or Mussa Ben Mbiki, an Arab merchant who first visited the island and later lived there). Today the island is a World Heritage Site.


2- The country has an estimated population of 22 million people.


3- The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese.


4- It houses the third largest lake and the second deepest in Africa.


5- In the capital city there is a 95 meter long mural that represents the civil war.


6- The population of the country is extremely young. More than 50% of Mozambique’s population is under 17 years of age.


7- The Maputo Elephant Sanctuary is home to a herd of 350 elephants whose habitat was threatened.