What you might be clear by now is that traveling is a pleasure that we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of for the world.

Do you think you know everything about tourism? Next, I am going to share with you a series of curiosities that you will be amused to know, since all of them are related to that wanderlust spirit.


-It is proven that when we travel we relax. Stress levels drop because we forget about day-to-day problems, which is obviously good for both the brain and the heart.

-Traveling, as so many artists used to do in the past in search of inspiration, helps foster creativity.

-Besides, traveling is one of the keys to happiness. A recent study from the University of San Francisco found that creating long-term memories makes us happier than buying. Analysts gave travel as an example.

-89% of people who travel see their stress threshold reduced within two days of escaping. Without a doubt, the best excuse to book a weekend trip. oh! And it also lowers the risk of heart disease.

-Traveling helps to strengthen ties. For this reason, psychologists recommend traveling with your partner, with friends and with children to improve relationships. It is the best therapy!