Tunisia has an exceptional cultural richness and the great contrasts that make up the country make it a destination worth visiting at least once in your life.

So if you want to learn about Tunisia, stay and read this post with some of its most curious facts.


1- George Lucas shot the first Star Wars movie in Matmata. A new hope. The sets built in 1977 are perfectly preserved. Tunisia was also the scene of several episodes of the saga.


2- Tozeur is the largest date producer in all of Tunisia. In addition, the typical North African oven, the tabuna, is used to make bread. It is common in all Berber houses.


3- In Tunisia, Muslims, Christians and Jews coexist. 95% of the population profess the religion of Muhammad. They are Sufis who live in a secular state, that is, the state and religion live in separate worlds. There are also Jews, Christians and nomads that with development and services are gradually disappearing. They are a minority but respected.


4- The traditional cuisine of Tunisia reflects the local agriculture. Wheat stands out, in the form of bread or couscous, olives and olive oil, meat (especially lamb), fruits and vegetables. Couscous (wheat semolina with a stew prepared from meat and vegetables) is the national dish.


5- Haggling is an essential part of shopping pleasure. To enjoy it, it is important to understand that for a Tunisian the relationship established between the buyer and the seller is as important as getting the sale of an item.