Each culture within its canons, accepts the beautiful as a kind of harmony, although there is no universal standard and aesthetic values ​​depend on the time and culture, in the end it is a subjective and abstract concept.

Therefore, today we will introduce you to some concepts of beauty from incredible Africa, so that we know how it is perceived in this part of the world.


#1 Make-up

This makeup meets different reasons: as a symbol of individualization, but at the same time of community, creating a reaffirmation of certain emotional tendencies in initiations or celebrations such as marriage.

For example, the women of the Xhosa tribe, in South Africa, paint their faces white as a symbol of beauty, it is a peculiar way of seducing the men of their villages; The Karo tribe, from Ethiopia, paint themselves in their entirety to dance in rituals while others also do it to protect themselves from the glare of the sun.


#2 Necklaces

The necklaces show the social status and beautification of the woman who wears them.

For example, Masai women often wear certain necklaces on special occasions and at different times in their lives:

The unmarried young women wear a necklace in the form of a large disc around their neck, which they move when they dance in order to show through the movement of the disc their grace and flexibility.

On their wedding day, women wear a very elaborate and heavy necklace that sometimes even hangs down to their knees.

A Masai woman when getting married wears a Nborro, which is a long necklace with blue and white beads. This necklace is given to you by your mother or grandmother and returns it to you when you are married. It is a way to bless your marriage.


#3 Lip plates

The Mursi tribe, in Ethiopia, is characterized by «adorning» their women with thick saucers called labrets as a symbol of feminine resistance and beauty.


#4 Hair

Hair in Africa is not only aesthetic. This is, without a doubt, the point with the most variations in this article.

From shaved hair to long manes and, is that Africa is a continent that contains different microcosms in itself: infinity of tribes, habitats and traditions.

Hair, depending on how you look, is a factor that will make you look beautiful depending on the country or tribe in which you are; for example, in many African tribes there is a belief that the soul is in the head so it is a part of the body that they take care of and pay special attention to since they believe that the head is the part of the body that is closest to their god.

Also own various wigs or Being able to change hairstyle with braids often is a symbol of social status and can provide us with information about the person,such as age, marital status, religion or ethnicity to which one belongs … In some tribes the braiding symbolizes a bond of friendship and brotherhood between its members.

The long manes do not remain without fulfilling an important role in the perception of beauty in someone, in fact, in the Masai culture the lion is a very important symbol and they understand that a man with long hair, like that of the lion, represents strength , protection and is a sample of masculine beauty. Nevertheless

Masai women shave their heads, They barely have time to care for their hair so they shave it for cleaning and hygiene reasons.