Morocco is one of those countries that shake you, that hit you, that do not leave you indifferent. At times it is pure Africa, at times it looks like Asia (because of its colors, its aromas, its street life), at times it resembles the collective imagination we have of «Arabia» and its thousand and one nights…


Here we leave you some practical information to organize your trip.


I need visa?
If you are Argentine or have a passport from the European community, you do NOT need a visa to enter Morocco and you can stay up to three months.


Health and vaccinations

Strictly speaking, the only «mandatory» vaccine by the WHO is Yellow Fever.


It’s hot or cold?
We all imagine Morocco as a very hot place (it’s Africa! It sure is hot!). Yes, but don’t get too confident.

Morocco has several climates:

On the coast (north and west of the country) the climate is moderate and subtropical, with fresh winds from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. In winter (December to March) the north of the country is rainy and humid.
Inland temperatures are more extreme: winters are very cold (in the Atlas, the central mountain range, the temperature drops below zero and there is snow) and summers are very hot (above 38°C).


What language do they speak?

They speak many languages ​​and very well: the official ones are Arabic, Tamazight (Berber language) and French. In the north, moreover, it is common that they also speak Spanish (since they were a Spanish colony) and in the center and south it is more common that they speak French or English.