When planning a trip to Africa, to be complete and spectacular, you must be proactive about the weather, climate, season … and thousands of other details.

But the main reason is knowing how to choose the experience you dream of appropriately, especially on such special dates as Christmas and New Years.

So if you are on our blog, chances are you are at that stage of travel planning where you need inspiration. And we want to tell you that you have arrived at the right time, from Only One we have created a list with our travel proposals for Christmas in Africa.



In the month of December the weather is amazing in Ethiopia, Enjoy this Christmas of the unique cultural heritage, rich history and remarkable biodiversity of Ethiopia!

Click here to do A trip to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of Ethiopia.


You can:

-Visit the natural and cultural heritage of Ethiopia and trace the origin of humanity.

-Meet Geradahihi.

– But Christmas in Ethiopia also allows you to enjoy the impressive rock-carved churches of Lalibela, of haunting beauty.



And why not enjoy a Gorilla trek at Christmas? u leisurely contemplation offers an absolutely unforgettable experience. But it is not the only one that awaits the traveler:

Click here to Gorillas, chimps, expeditions, game drive, boat safari. All Ugandan wildlife!


South Africa

South Africa offers everything from the lion to the elephant, the most distinctive African species but also the most fascinating marine species: white sharks and penguins. Stunning coastal and inland landscapes and lively city life, starting with bustling Johannesburg.

Click here to enjoy a family Safari in South Africa.

A safari program designed for young children will give you the opportunity to experience the real animals, the nature of Africa and stimulate your child’s sensitivity. Besides Safari, explore Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to enjoy South Africa.



A destination in which to recall the life model of the explorers, definitely, the lands of the Maasai transport us like no other to the Africa of the great travelers.

You will enjoy a safari as much as you like, and we will go on a safe and exciting journey to the wild realm. Click here.



We have finished this tour of proposals to travel to Africa at Christmas for a destination that could have topped the list: Tanzania. Here are the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks, as well as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that we will tour in the style of intrepid explorers.

Click here to Our goal is to reach The Top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point on the African continent while touching nat