Madagascar offers great wildlife viewing beyond land. And although it is a very captivating country, it is not known so much on a tourist level. When planning your trip, it is probably difficult for you to make a list of places or things to do in this very different country.

But today, we have created an exclusive list of the most iconic destinations in the country. So read to the end and take note:


Strict nature reserve Tsingy de Vemara

The famous tsingys, stone formations generated by the erosion of rain that are known as “stone forests”.

They constitute a national park declared a World Heritage Site 30 years ago for its spectacular orography composed of thousands of calcareous needles. Here the erosion produced by the water has created a network of fissures between the most resistant parts, which can be traversed like the passageways of a labyrinth.


Baobab Avenue

It is not a park, nor a reserve, nor an armed place for the tourist. It is simply that, an avenue, a street. That local people use to transit. Obviously it receives foreign visitors, but it does not compare with what are the most tourist destinations worldwide, where everything is full of people.

The trees have long shadows and the sky is pink or purple, and the view is especially spectacular during sunrise and sunset.


Parc National de l’Isalo

The park is immense, full of canyons and stone formations, valleys, waterfalls and natural pools, forests, and of course, a great variety of fauna to discover: lemurs, chameleons, birds, and a host of strange insects, without a doubt you they will leave with their mouths open.


Andasibe Mantadia National Park

It is one of the national parks in Madagascar, about 160 km east of the capital Antananarivo.
The green, unspoiled nature and its breathtaking beauty are there.
Comprised of two parks, it is famous as a habitat for indris that make unusual sounds. This animal is considered sacred by Madagascar.


If you have come this far, you will understand now that traveling to Madagascar is an experience that is etched in your memory for a lifetime. So if you want to fulfill your dreams as a traveler in this country, you can enjoy each of the aforementioned destinations and others with any of our tours.

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