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The sheer remoteness of Botswana’s reserves, a remarkable flatness that extends as far as the eye can see, an extraordinary array of wildlife in the Kalahari Desert and the fan-shaped waters of the Okavango Delta complete what must be the most beautiful country on earth.

Nombre oficial Botswana / Republic of Botswana
Idioma oficial Inglés, Tswana
Ciudad capital Havorone
Religión Cristianismo, religión tradicional
Diferencia horaria con Japón -7 horas
Moneda BWP(Botswana Pula)
  • The diversity of Botswana’s terrain makes it one of the most interesting destinations to visit. The Savannah ranges from dry areas of the Southwest to the large salt islands/pans of the Northern Makgadikgadi.

  • One of the most beautiful Natural Wonders on the world is the Okavango Delta. It is an inland oasis created by the summer rains of the Angolan highlands. In 2014, the Okavango became the 1000th UNESCO World Heritage Site. The seasonal weather brings with it incredible diversity, with the dark afternoon storms making for spectacular views.

  • In summer, wildlife can drink from several water sources and take refuge in the undergrowth, away from the scotching midday heat. The Tswana people make up the majority of Botswana’s population, with the official language being English.

  • Setswana is widely spoken along with other languages including Kalanga, Sara and Ndebele, among others. The inhabitants of San, known as Bushmen or Basarwa, are indigenous hunter-gatherers who currently live in various parts of Botswana and southern Africa.


The intricate canals of the Okavango Delta and her beautiful clear days… each season brings with it, its own aspect. This is what makes Botswana unique, with diverse ecosystems that allow wildlife viewing, throughout the year.

There are two main seasons. During the green season, the floodplains of Okavango are at their lowest point and in some areas, replaced by a green grass. The storm clouds forming in the background contrast with the landscape, somewhat obscuring the environment.

Seasons to travel

Summer rains begin, vegetation begins to thicken and afternoon storms are spectacular. Wildlife concentrates on drinking water in several wells and take refuge from the midday heat. This is the time where many species begin to give birth and it is an excellent season for passionate birdwatchers.

The flooded plains of the Okavango Delta are covered with grass, making it a wildlife refuge. The dry season has begun and it is the perfect time where wildlife is at its peak. Night temperatures drop dramatically in drier desert areas, while the days are warm and clear.

This month brings hot days with the first impending summer rains.

Summer rains begin, vegetation begins to thicken and afternoon storms are spectacular. Wildlife concentrates on drinking water in several wells and take refuge from the midday heat. This is the time where many species begin to give birth and it is an excellent season for passionate birdwatchers.

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Highlights of Botswana

An Exceptional wildlife photography haven, arid desert plains, majestic canals and islands. The Okavango is a wetland oasis within a desert with ancient valleys and white salt pans. Chobe National Park in the north has the highest concentration of elephants, lush wetlands while the Chobe River remains an important feature in the dry season. The Okavango Delta is an amazing phenomena; a wildlife sanctuary, lagoons and an intricate web of canals.

Okavango Delta

One of the natural wonders of nature is a wetland oasis, a wildlife sanctuary and untouched beauty. This epic water trip that travels down the Okavango River through Caprivi originates in the Angolan highlands. With the geographical composition of the land, the Okavango is located in an area of faults, which gives us three outstanding characteristics; the sovereignty of territory, the delta and the mainland.

Each of these has a different aspect of wildlife or culture, which is attractive to the human eye at certain times of the year. Large herds of elephants and buffalo are seen in the Okavango along with the black and white rhino, which have recently been introduced to the Moremi game reserve area. Hyenas lurk at dusk, especially Abu Camp, in search of some opportunistic moments.

Fascinating mounds of termites, leopards and mopane forests.

A remote desert and sense of tranquility welcome you on arrival at the Linyanti airstrip. The landscape and Mopane forests are a haven for wild dogs, lions and leopards waiting patiently for their prey. The Linyanti River, a spectacular area for hippos, elephants and a beautiful African sunset.

Linyanti is home to a wide variety of predators such as lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena. The bulwark of endangered wild dogs is an important feature, including the red and saber antelopes that are often seen eating in their preferred broadleaf forests.

Bird life is abundant year-round with a variety of species, the crested francolin, Arnott’s talk, the red-necked hawk, the Egyptian geese, and the red-billed hornbill.

Star skies, a desert with a touch of the unknown.

The suricatos, the Bushmen of San and the black mane lions are just a few mammals that call this vast desert reserve their home. Bright stars cover the sky in the freshness of the night and in the seasonal months, the days are alive with wildlife.

The striking features of the sand dunes, arid desert plains, salt flats, ancient riverbeds and nomadic Bushmen, are just some of the features that make up this vast wilderness. A magnificent contrast to the northern part of Botswana.

The rain is almost non-existent, with summer storms being the exception, as they are brief and erratic.

In the Kalahari there are important populations of wildlife, with impressive herds of gazelles, orice gazelles and red alcephalos. A lot of animals on the plains move seasonally between the dunes and the valley, just as in the winter concentrating around the water wells. Smaller mammals such as the meerricate, the bat-ear fox and the desert pygmy mouse can also be seen.

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