Official name South Africa / Republic of South Africa
Official language English, Afrikaans, bantu, etc.
Capital city Pretoria
Religion Christianity, Islam, Hinduism
Time zone UTC+02:00
Currency ZAR(Rand from South Africa)

Go out at dawn on a safari of the big 5 (named after 5 species of African animals formed by the lion, leopard, black rhino, elephant and buffalo cafre.), sunbathe on pristine beaches, taste fine wines in mountain vineyards live the experience of dining in a world-class restaurant after playing on an 18-hole championship golf course, a holiday in South Africa will tick all the right boxes.

Anchored at the base of the African continent, South Africa is perhaps the most diverse country and is home to some of the most iconic characters. Starting in the south with Africa’s favorite city, the incomparable Cape Town, this country encompasses classic vacation destinations such as the coastal towns, forests and lakes of Garden Route, the long subtropical coast of the Indian Ocean KwaZulu-Natal and dozens of wildlife reserves including the world-famous Kruger National Park.

With a variety of accommodations as varied as these magnificent landscapes as well as a network of sophisticated and extensive infrastructure, getting around South Africa is simple, you can drive seamlessly from your beachfront accommodation on Garden Route to the inns for kids at Eastern Cape’s with the booking of the Big 5 or fly from an elegant suite in a private Reserve in Kruger to Cape Town’s upscale boutique hotels.

Family holidays and honeymoon getaways, affordable breaks and luxury safaris, outdoor adventures and gourmet experiences, holidays in South Africa really satisfy every taste and budget, but if you’re not sure where to start, then you can start relaxing.

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Seasons to travel

Unlike North Africa, the seasons are changing in South Africa. The temperature rises to 30 degrees from November. Summer is the rainy season in the eastern half of the country. Kruger National Park and Johannesburg have severe storms and high humidity. Rain brings rich greens and makes it difficult to find wildlife, but birds are the most visible.

Summers are warm and dry in the western half. It is an ideal time to visit Cape Town and enjoy the Garden Route. As hotels and parks are full across the country, you need to plan ahead when traveling in summer.

Autumn is the best time to explore South Africa. The temperature is still about 18 degrees during the day, and the summer clouds are disappearing. The dry season begins in the east, and large animal observations are available in Kruger National Park. The night is cool and the temperature drops to about 7 degrees in May.

In winter, along the Western Cape and Cape Town, it will rain and cool to a maximum temperature of about 15 degrees and a minimum temperature of about 7 degrees. Although it sometimes snows in the highlands, storms are the worst weather in most areas. Other areas are sunny and dry with similar temperatures. At the animal sanctuary, the animals gather on the remaining shore and become easy to observe.

You can see whales along the garden route in July.

In spring, the temperature during the day rises to about 24oC and heats up. On the arid west coast, the flowers are colored like kaleidoscopes. In addition to the flowers, fauna and breed of livestock, it is an interesting time to observe animals.

In addition, it is the best whale watching season along the garden route. The rainy season begins in the east. Spring is high season and popular attractions like the land of wine are not full.

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Choosing where to go in South Africa is as different from one region to another as choosing which country to visit. There are fascinating places, such as the colorful cities of Cape Town and the green hills of vineyards, Kruger National Park and the Garden Route.

Cape Town is located on a peninsula between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, with Table Mountain in the background, and is the most spectacular setting in the world.

Originally a Dutch shopping mall in the late 17th century, Cape Town is South Africa’s second largest city, famous for its delicious food, culture, coastal beauty and world-renowned vineyards. From the shops and restaurants of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, to the spectacular Table Mountain, to the top of the mountain and the fascinating views of the city from the cable car, there are many great attractions. You can drive to the white sandbeaches, traditional fishing villages and bleak mountain ranges, as well as the tourist destinations of Cape Point, vineyards and Hermanus for whale watching.

It was built in 1898 by Prime Minister Paul Kruger of the Republic of Transvaal in 1898, and was expanded in 1926 to become the present Kruger National Park, to protect local wildlife. South Africa’s first national park and one of the largest animal reserves in Africa, it has more than 500 bird species and several endemic species have been identified.

The Crocodile River attracts many animals, including lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos ‘Big 5’, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, impalas, kudus and baboons. Acacia trees that rise in the park serve as a source of nutrition for giraffes and elephants, and subtropical topography contributes to the protection of endangered leaches.

Surrounded by steep vineyards and definitely, the beautiful vineyard valley Is famous for its ancient vineyards, beautiful villages, award-winning restaurants and, of course, wines.

While there are more than 20 wine-growing areas around Cape Town, the vineyards are usually the three popular towns of franschock, Stellenbosch and Pearl, although you may be dining in an excellent restaurant in Franschhoek, in the heart of the cuisine South Africa, you will find some of the best restaurants in the city. Art galleries and quaint cafes

The Garden Route, which stretches along 300 km along the coast of South Africa, features an attractive city, sandy beaches, vineyards and the Fynbos plant, which only grows here. Here, the mountains rise above the golden sands and there are hiking trails from the vast yellow pine and eucalyptus forest to the beautiful coast of the Indian Ocean.

The largest cities along the Garden Route are the relatively frequent whales and Port Elizabeth, famous for the Caprescience Nature Reserve. Those who like wild birds and nature are fascinated by the pristine beaches, walking trails and rocky landscapes that characterize the Garden Route.

Johannesburg is one of South Africa’s largest and richest cities, with an area of 1650 square kilometers. Developed by the discovery of gold veins, surpassing the politics of British colonial apartheid, it is now the center of finance and commerce. Many people stop to head to Durban, Cape Town, Kruger National Park and more.

Built in a former gold mine, Gold Reef City is a large entertainment complex consisting of theme parks, museums, casinos and hotels, attracting many locals and tourists.

The rich history and many cultural attractions, one of which is the Apartheid Museum. There are two entrances to the museum, one for the white and one for the non-white, and visitors are randomly distributed. The room where the videos and photos showing the situation were displayed at the time they are displayed is also separated by steel grilles, and you can learn the disastrous story while experiencing discrimination.

Constitution Hill is a living museum that points the way to democratization in South Africa. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi’s former prison and military fortress, once imprisoned, today conveys the story of South Africa’s turmoil. It is currently a constitutional court.

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