There is no definition per se between tourists and travelers, both are part of the same thing and we have behaved as such on some of our trips.

The differences are found in something more intangible and you can recognize a traveler or a tourist by being observant.

It is important to note that both roles are interchangeable and neither is good or bad.

But hey, in case you still want to know what is the difference between tourist and traveler, in our opinion it is:


The first difference between a traveler and a tourist is found in the attitude of pushing the limits of the unknown.

The traveler prefers to find his way instead of following that of others. The traveler travels to observe the reality of life in the place, not always the tourist attractions or main museums; he knows that the best way to see the reflection of the life of a town is using its means of transportation or finding a way on his own.


The tourist sees the trip as a sporadic event and alien to his day-to-day reality, the traveler sees the trip as something that is part of his life.

The tourist will observe the other realities as if they were behind glass, as if it were a museum or a zoo. These small differences will help him open his eyes and see a little further than what he is used to, he will learn from his journey, however short it may have been.


Live your life as a traveler, accepting, enjoying and actively involving yourself with the differences that exist in the world, take the long way, try to be in a place beyond the 5 minutes it takes you to take the photo of the place and accepting that life itself is a journey.