Get out of the typical and dare to discover the African continent in the most original way:


photographic safaris

They can be practiced in almost the entire African continent, although there are certain paradises for amateur and professional photographers, such as the natural parks of Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe or South Africa.



Whether for Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania): the highest mountain in Africa, and if you add a postcard setting with wild animals… impressive! O Rising from the sands of southern Algeria, the Hoggar is among the most impressive mountain ranges in the Sahara desert.


Skeleton Coast

In Namibia, off-road explorers head straight for the Skeleton Coast, a desert coastline with mist-shrouded beaches dotted with discolored whale bones and rusting wrecks, the legacy of a defunct whaling industry.


Eat fruit

Mango, passion fruit and above all amulla, the fruit that makes you drunk! It has 17% alcohol content!


Towards the great migration

It is one of the most impressive spectacles that Africa can offer. Every year, from July to October, more than one and a half million wildebeests and zebras set off in search of the green pastures of the Masai Mara.