Christmas is a special date, so much so that it is convenient to look for the best holidays to celebrate it.

Stay until the end and discover the best plans for these Christmas holidays:


Half-day catamaran cruise

Play the turquoise blue sea! Half day tour
Travel on a magnificent catamaran and admire the beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters that symbolize the beauty of Mauritius.
Enjoy swimming and diving in the sea where the coral reef is seen. BBQ lunch on board. Soak up the sun in a tropical setting or relax.


Seychelles, 4 days

A relaxing trip in the paradise of the Indian Ocean
Enjoy the resort in Seychelles with beautiful white sands and emerald green sea.
After arriving on the «Mahé Island» in the capital city of Victoria, we will head to the «Praslin Island», where the Natural Reserve of the Vallée de mai, a World Heritage Site, is located.
You can enjoy activities in combination with optional tours, relax on a beautiful beach or relax in the spa. This plan allows you to spend a flexible and relaxing time.


Exploring the incredible depths in the ocean. Half-day Submarine tour

Travel on the Blue Submarine submarine, designed for safety and comfort. Explore the beautiful deep waters of the Indian Ocean
The Blue Submarine is the only deep sea exploration submarine in the Indian Ocean, capable of diving up to 35 meters deep. Enjoy the magical and beautiful world of colorful fish, crabs, coral reefs and deep seas that peek out the window of the submarine. You can choose between the large BS-1100 type or the small BS 600 type.


Women-only Kenya 7-day local tour

Participation by one person, shared room OK!
Kenya’s Royal Route Tour for women only.

You can meet women from various countries all over the world, and even have a great safari experience in Kenya, so why not take a trip that is different from ordinary group tours? We look forward to the participation of active women seeking adventure elements!6/17 (Wed) 10/15 (Thu) Departure date only, 6 nights 7 days locally. It will be decided from 6 people.