The African continent, depending on the country and place, offers the possibility of carrying out different types of safari, beyond the typical 4 × 4 vehicle or truck. The concept of safari has changed a lot over time, and today there are numerous versions that adapt to the needs and preferences of all types of travelers:


Bike safari

One of the less common options is the possibility of going on a bike safari. It is one of the most pleasant activities, since you are pedaling in the middle of nature surrounded by animals. This type of safari allows a great closeness with the animals, which also implies the great responsibility of respecting their habitat and not disturbing them in any way.


Water safari

Rivers, lagoons and any other water surface are also an ingenious way to discover African fauna and flora. Whether from Zambia or Zimbabwe, touring the waters surrounding towering falls by boat while exploring the wildlife and lush natural surroundings is a must-see experience. You can choose to do this type of safaris from a canoe, boat or a mokoro.


Walking safaris

The «walking safaris» are very popular and common in the national parks and reserves of Zambia and Zimbabwe, but especially in Zambia. The reasons for doing so could be endless. The connection that exists with nature is total and you will be able to observe the native fauna up close. You will have time to focus on the colors, smells and other details that you may have missed on vehicle safaris.


Air safaris

By doing this type of safaris you can get a totally different perspective of the places you visit. For example, a hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of those activities that will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime. From the air, Africa takes on another dimension and the images dissipate on the horizon while it is also flown over from a small plane.