Morocco is a country that has struggled to maintain its traditions and culture, did you know that they have the second largest movie set in the world? Or that you can ski ?, But there is more! So if you want to discover the country in a fun and entertaining way, don’t miss out.


1- Chefchaouen is one of the most interesting destinations in Morocco. Its blue houses make tourists from all over the world fall in love. But do you know why they are blue? There are several theories. One of the most curious is the one that points out that the Jewish refugees painted them this color because they believed that in this way it would keep mosquitoes away.


2- It is the first tourist destination in Africa and receives more than 10 million tourists a year. This sector is greatly favored by the political stability that is breathed in the country. In addition, we Spaniards are the ones who visit this country the most.


3- It is the world’s leading importer of green tea. For Moroccans, tea is an important part of their culture, in addition to having several times a day when tea is enjoyed, it is common for it to be offered to guests. When serving, they throw the water with the kettle, from the height so that when it hits the glass (full of sugar and mint) it foams. It is a tradition and symbol of education.


4-In reality, Spain and Morocco almost touch. There are only 14 kilometers from Tarifa (Cádiz) to the Moroccan coast, exactly the measure of the Strait of Gibraltar. They are precisely those that separate the European continent from the African one.


5-One of the local customs is to take off your shoes when you enter a house. In fact, Moroccan houses are usually full of rugs and it can be annoying for us to step on them with our shoes.


6- In Morocco, French is spoken a lot because of the Protectorate that the Gauls installed on Moroccan soil during the 20th century. But curiously it is not one of the two official languages. The main language is Arabic, but in Morocco a version known as «Darija» is spoken.


7- Greeting with the left hand is a very rude gesture, since it is the one they use for their personal hygiene. The right hand is the one that should be used to greet, eat and receive things.


8- Kissing and other gestures of love are prohibited and reserved for intimacy


9- Formerly the houses in Morocco and many Arab countries, were all of the same height. This is because on the terraces women can remove their tunics and keep some of their body parts uncovered. The houses are all of the same height so that no one can spy on the neighbor.


10-Although it may seem surprising, the oldest university in the world is in Morocco. Precisely in the city of Fez. It is the University of al-Qarawiyyin founded in 859 by Fatima al-Fihri, the daughter of a powerful merchant.