Deserts make up about one third of the planet’s land surface. By definition, a desert is a region that receives about 250 millimeters of rain or less each year.


Travelers of all times have feared crossing these vast expanses of sand, stone or cracked earth where water is conspicuous by its absence. Today we present some of the deserts that most inspire alternative and different trips in Africa:



The world’s largest hot desert, it spans 3.5 million square kilometers and crosses 11 countries in North Africa. Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Libya, Chad and Egypt are the countries that the «desert of deserts» dominates to a greater or lesser extent. The Sahara is the third largest desert in the world.



Very close to each other, they are two completely contrasting deserts. The White Desert is a geological wonder with surreal white limestone rock formations deformed by desert winds. And the Black Desert looks like a landscape out of Hades, covered with a layer of dust and black stones.



It stretches along the Namibian coastline and has stunningly beautiful landscapes with colossal dunes and a coastline littered with the skeletons of stranded ships. Namibia also has another desert, the Kalahari desert, home to the Bushmen for 30,000 years.