A Namibia safari vacation is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, while its decent infrastructure and easily accessible destinations mean self-drive safaris for more independent travelers.

Whatever your style or preference, Namibia is there to help you create fantastic memories thanks to its diverse destinations.

After this post, we hope you are encouraged to discover the most hidden side of Namibia with us. So read to the end and get to know the best destinations in the territory.


Fish river

It is the longest river in Namibia, with 650 km in length, it is one of the most impressive natural beauties in southern Namibia. Up to 550 meters deep, it is the second largest canyon in the world after the American Grand Canyon.

It’s a popular hiking destination, but you need good physical health and can only be done during the winter months of May and September.


Namib desert

The Namib Desert is one of the largest and oldest deserts in the world.

Some of the tallest sand dunes in the world are located in Sossusvlei, one of the desert highlights, at the top of the sand dunes you can admire the views of the vast desert, and at night you can see the perfect starry sky.


Etosha National Park

One of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa covering an area of ​​22,750 square kilometers, it offers the easiest and safest animal watching in South Africa.

In addition, there are more than 340 species of birds that live in savannas, water fronts, and deserts. The dry season between May and October, when the animals gather in the water, is ideal for observation.


Skeleton Coast

Shipwrecks from the northern part of Swakopmund to the Angolan border are the origin of this coast. Many of the ships are stranded by dangerous currents and dense fog from the Atlantic Ocean, which remains a desolate and isolated area, but one of the hidden surprises.



A mix of innovative modern design, traditional African style and German colonial architecture, the capital of Namibia sits on the plateau in the center of the country and is outdoors surrounded by gently rolling mountains. It is in a good basin. One of the safest and safest cities in South Africa, with an international airport serving as the starting point for travel in Namibia.


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