Thinking of traveling to Madagascar? You do not know when to go to the country or what is the best time to visit it? Well, we tell you that determining the best time to travel to Madagascar is simple, because this country with a unique ecosystem has a dry and a rainy season.

According to the most expert travelers, traveling to Madagascar can be done throughout the year except from November 15 to April 15 approximately, but let’s dig a little deeper into this …

In this sense, the months that go from May to October are the best time to visit the country, as it coincides with the dry season. Rains and cyclones occur from mid-November to mid-April.

During the end of April and May, it is a good time to travel to Madagascar. It is the moment when the long rains end and winter begins. There they will contemplate a flora of a very intense green.

The months of July and August are the coldest on the island, as well as when it receives the most influx of tourism.

Madagascar is a destination that is enjoyed to the fullest at all times. Each season will captivate you with its beauty.