Botswana is a pure live documentary with no screens involved.

A territory capable of nurturing the visitor of fantastic safaris through a succession of untamed places that we have been watching all our lives on television.

What to see in Botswana? With this post you will know the answer to this question by introducing you to the most iconic destinations in Botswana.


Okavango Delta

One of nature’s natural wonders is a wetland oasis, a wildlife sanctuary, and unspoiled beauty. This epic water journey traveling down the Okavango River through Caprivi originates from the Angolan highlands. With the geographical composition of the land, the Okavango is located in a fault zone, which gives us three outstanding characteristics, the language of territory, the delta and the mainland.


Linyanti Wildlife Reserve

Linyanti is home to a wide variety of predators such as the lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena. The stronghold of endangered wild dogs is an important feature, including red and sable antelopes that are often seen eating in their preferred broadleaf forests.


Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The striking features of sand dunes, arid desert plains, salt flats, ancient river beds, and nomadic Bushmen are just some of the features that make up this vast wilderness. A magnificent contrast to the northern part of Botswana.

Important wildlife populations are found in the Kalahari, with impressive herds of gazelles, oryx gazelles, and red moose. Large numbers of animals in the plains move seasonally between the dunes and the valley, even in the winter concentrating around the water holes. Smaller mammals such as the meerkat, bat-eared fox, and desert pygmy mouse can also be seen.


Chobe National Park

With an area that is twice that of Moremi, it is one of the richest natural parks in all of southern Africa. The Chobe National Park, whose size is similar to that of countries like Lebanon, Gambia or Qatar, is the heart of the best safaris in Botswana.


Kasane, the gateway to Victoria Falls

From Kasane it is very easy to go to both Zambia and Zimbabwe to enjoy Victoria Falls.



The great Kalahari desert, whose name in the language of the Tswanos is Kgalagadi and comes to mean «great thirst», covers almost a million square kilometers (the equivalent of countries like Egypt, Tanzania or Mauritania). And, although it is mostly in the territory of Botswana, it goes into other countries such as Namibia and South Africa.



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