The experience of tasting African gastronomy is reduced to the possibility of tasting a mixture of the colors of the continent, the flavors of natural spices and the flavors of ethnic traditions. The cuisine consists of a history from generation to generation that speaks to the culture of the place.

We couldn’t go through this month without sharing with you the most delicious dishes you must try on your trip to Africa.



If you visit countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt during your travels, you must try this wheat semolina based dish. This is usually accompanied by olives, saffron, nutmeg, olive oil, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and various typical spices from each region.



It is one of the staple foods of Zambia and Malawi, usually prepared from cornmeal and used as a garnish to accompany meats and vegetables.


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This is a traditional Botswana meat dish made from beef, goat, chicken or lamb. It can be served with sautéed spinach and white corn porridge.



Also known as peanut stew, this stew is common in most parts of West Africa. It is usually made with stewed meat, vegetables, and peanuts and served with rice and eggs.



A fresh tomato and onion salad dish popular in the kitchens of the African Great Lakes region. In places like Kenya, cooked goat or beef is added to this dish, while in coastal regions rice pilaf is added.



Traditionally, this dish is made from cassava, a tuber native to West Africa, served with a sauce or soup and squeezed with the fingers of the right hand for better digestion.



This is a fried or baked phyllo dough triangle bite. They are usually stuffed with a mixture of lamb or chicken, lemon, pepper and cheese. Undoubtedly a tempting aperitio.