The lack of knowledge we have about what Africa is like is incredible. Many think that it is still like in the Tarzan movies. Without understanding that there are many faces of Africa and that, of course, it is not a country, but a continent.

Putting in the same bag 1,300 million people who live in a territory of 30 million square kilometers is nonsense. The curious thing is that once we decided to put aside the mental barriers, we were fascinated with everything that this continent has to offer us.

So, without further ado, let’s debunk some myths about African travel:


-To go I have to get a lot of vaccines:

False: In fact, a large majority of countries do not require any vaccination for tourists to enter them. Yellow fever is mandatory in some countries if you come from others where this disease is endemic.


-There are many famines and they have nothing:

Yes, in specific places there can be war and malnutrition. But that is not the image that defines an entire continent.


-It’s terribly hot.

You will find all the climates and all the seasons of the year that you want depending on which country you go to and what time of year you do it.


-Africa is full of physical dangers:

Not all living beings wake up every morning thinking about what white being they are going to eat. In countries where there are crocodiles or hippos in the rivers, it is enough to follow the recommendations and rules of use of the premises so as not to go where you should not.


-There is a lot of insecurity:

That all of Africa is dangerous. With a little common sense you can safely move almost anywhere.


-I must be very careful with the water and not eat vegetables or anything fresh:

It is true that you should take some care with food and not consume in suspicious street stalls. In restaurants and places where they are going to take you to eat on a tourist trip, you can trust what you eat. Obviously, no one is exempt from catching gastroenteritis or a stomach problem, but as in any trip to any continent.


-It will be an uncomfortable trip and in bad hotels:

As in any continent, in the tourist countries of Africa you will find hotels of all prices and conditions. You would be amazed with the hotels and resorts for rich tourists that there are.


Forget fears and preconceived ideas. To know the reality of the world, you have to move from the armchair, travel and see it with your own eyes.