In the arid lands of Morocco, where the sun shines relentlessly over the landscape, a unique event blooms that captures the essence and beauty of the region. The KelaaM’Gouna Rose Festival is an annual event that celebrates the rose harvest and local culture in the picturesque town of KelaaM’Gouna, located in the valley of the Dadès River.

A Sea of Color and Fragrance

Each year, during the rose harvest season in May, the town is transformed into a sea of color and fragrance. The fields of roses in bloom create a breathtaking spectacle, and locals gather to pick the precious flowers, which will be used to produce the region’s famous rosewater.

A Joyous and Boisterous Celebration

The festival is a joyous and boisterous celebration, filled with music, dance and cultural activities. Visitors can enjoy colorful parades, traditional dance performances and beauty pageants, where local women display elaborate traditional costumes adorned with roses.

The Flower Carpet Competition

One of the most popular attractions of the festival is the flower carpet competition, where the people of KelaaM’Gouna create intricate designs using rose petals. These floral carpets adorn the streets of the city, creating a magical and ephemeral atmosphere that can only be experienced during the festival.

Explore the Cultural and Natural Wealth

In addition to the festive activities, the festival also offers visitors the opportunity to explore the cultural and natural richness of the region. Local markets are filled with artisanal products and traditional cuisine, while excursions in the surrounding area offer breathtaking views of Morocco’s desert and mountainous landscapes.

Get ready for a Floral Experience Like No Other!

In short, the KelaaM’Gouna Rose Festival is a unique experience that combines natural beauty, local culture and Moroccan hospitality into one unforgettable event. For those looking for an adventure out of the ordinary, this festival offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic and charm of Morocco. Get ready for a floral experience like no other at the KelaaM’Gouna Rose Festival!