Some have called it ‘the last Eden on Earth’, and once you’ve visited it, you will likely agree.

The territory of Gabon is considered 11% of its extension as a national park, so you can imagine the immense fauna and activities that you can enjoy.

Today, we will introduce you to the essentials of Gabon. An adventure on land and water in, a treasure of nature!


Roango safari tour in the national park

Most of the trips are spent in the Roango National Park. With abundant lakes, rivers, shores and lagoons, the area is a true aquatic paradise! We will provide a variety of safari trips, such as whale watching, meeting large elephants to relax by the water and observe the precious ‘Nishi Roland Gorilla’ on the brink of extinction.


Experience the local culture together

20 kilometers north of the capital, Libreville. Visit the town of Benga at Cape Santa Clara on the Atlantic northwest side of Gabon. Learn about the culture of the Benga people living in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, and visit the community to gain a better understanding.


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