If you are a nature lover and you delight in the almost prehistoric landscapes that Africa can offer, then Madagascar is for you.

So if you have already thought or are about to plan your trip to this corner of the planet, stay and know the best tours in Madagascar that Only One offers you.

An 8-day journey through Madagascar’s World Heritage Sites

Within our limited time, you will enjoy the nature of Madagascar and learn about the history of this great island country.

The tour begins with a visit to Madagascar’s only cultural heritage, «Ambhimanga Hill». We’ll start by learning about Madagascar. From the next day, we will head to Morondava to take a look at the life of the local people in the fishing village of Bethany, and visit the famous «tree-lined road of Baobau». In Bemaraha National Park, you will walk the natural heritage of Tsingy and enjoy the magnificent view created by nature. At the end of the tour, you will meet cute animals in Kirindi Reserve.

The archipelago of the islands of Madagascar, one of the 4 largest islands in the world, floats in the western part of the Indian Ocean. Since separating from the African continent, it has been evolving independently so much that 80% of the species it houses are native to the island.

You will have a unique experience unlike the safari savannahs of the African continent, here there are no great animals like lions. We will look for the animals that represent Madagascar in the Kirindy Nature Reserve, Andasive National Park, Ankanin Protected Area

Floating in the Western Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is elongated in the north and south. Since the tourist spots on the huge island are far away and it takes time to move, we made an efficient route so that you can fully enjoy Madagascar.

A baobab tree-lined path where you can see mysterious giant trees, a love-filled baobab that looks like hugging each other, search for unique animals unique to Madagascar in the Kirindy Forest Reserve, and visit the anti-Labe city where the culture of Europe and Madagascar is mixed. I will. /p
The distance from the capital Antananarivo to Morondava is 12 hours or more by land, so stay in the hot spring resort anti-labe at the stopover. Take a leisurely trip to Madagascar while gazing at the local life and beautiful nature from the train window.


The tour begins in the capital, Antananarivo and travels domestically to Morondava. Visit the Baobab tree-lined avenue, where you can see mysterious giant trees, and head to the Kirindy Forest Reserve during day and night with a nature guide to find unique animals unique to Madagascar. Fly back to Antananarivo and visit Andasibe National Park and Chameleon Park.

You can enjoy the attractions of Madagascar efficiently and comfortably because you will be sightseeing while staying in each city using domestic flights.