Finally the time has come to pack your safari suitcase, you start to think and suddenly wonder what do I really need? What should i bring and what should i not bring? What is really essential?

Today, from Only One, we have created for you a list that will help you assemble your Safari suitcase in just a few minutes.

So read to the end and look for your bags:


Mosquito repellent

In Africa there are many mosquitoes and insects, we know, so why suffer from them?


Glasses, hat and sunscreen

On safaris you spend a lot of time in the sun, for this reason it is essential to protect yourself as much as possible from solar radiation.


Comfortable clothes

You will spend many hours outdoors, surrounded by nature, so comfort is a must. Our advice is that the best way to spend a few pleasant days is to pack comfortable clothes in your suitcase and, if possible, in neutral, earthy colors.


Camera and many memory cards

Going on safari without carrying binoculars and a camera is not essential, it is unforgivable !!… Also, our recommendation is that you take several memory cards with you because in Africa as soon as you start taking photos.


Documentation and cash

We recommend always carrying a photocopy of your passport and vaccination card in a different place than your safari suitcase where we keep the originals.