What to carry in the suitcase is an issue that concerns us all. It is very effective to prepare a list of things, which serves as a guide and makes the task easier.

Here we will tell you some essential things to carry in your travel suitcase.


must be added to the list of things necessary for a trip:

face mask,
gloves, and
hydro alcoholic gel,


Basic prevention kit

It is always necessary to carry a small first aid kit when you travel, to face small unforeseen events.


money and cards

You never know when something unexpected happens.


Passport and documentation

Remember to check the required documentation.


electronic equipment

Remember that electronic equipment must be very well packed to avoid damage. A good tip is to carry them in your hand luggage or in a suitable backpack to protect them.


Appropriate clothing

To pack well, take what you normally wear, not what you would like to wear and have not dared to use before. Being comfortable is important and this is not the time to experiment.