The list of things to do and see in Morocco is endless and irresistible: Haggle in the souk, go on a quad bike excursion through the desert, tour the blue town, breathe the breeze from the Atlantic coast … you will be missing.

So this list with the essential Tips for your trip to Morocco will help you prepare your trip to a country that we are sure, will make you fall in love with its cultural contrasts and unique corners. Take n0ota and stay until the end:


Entry requirements to the country

If you are a European citizen you will NOT need a visa to travel to Morocco. You just have to bring your passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and fill out an immigration form that will be given to you on the plane or ship.

For other nationalities, such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile or Mexico, it will also be the same conditions. However, citizens of other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia … will need to apply for a visa before arriving in Morocco.

Before starting your trip, check the recommendations for traveling to Morocco from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and register in the Travelers Registry.


Vaccines and travel insurance

There are no mandatory vaccinations to travel to Morocco, although it is advisable to have, in addition to systematic vaccinations (BCG, Hepatitis B), with others such as thioid fever, hepatitis A, polio, cholera and tetanus. It is also advisable to travel with an anti-insect treatment.

In Morocco, the main travel incidents are related to medical assistance due to illness and luggage theft. While Morocco’s health infrastructures are acceptable in major cities, they can be precarious in rural areas. So remember that if you are going to travel to Morocco in 2021 it is very important to have the best travel insurance and that it includes COVID (coronavirus) coverage.


What is the best time to travel?

By having such a wide variety of climates and geographical areas (remember that there is a coast, mountains and desert), you will find different conditions in the same season of the year.

Although, we recommend traveling in spring and autumn, in these you will avoid the suffocating heat of summer and bad weather in the form of cold and rain in winter, especially in the northern area of ​​the Atlas.

Another important fact is to know the month in which Ramadan is celebrated, a period in which Muslims do not eat from dawn to dusk and many businesses remain closed during the day. The start date of Ramadan changes every year, as it is governed by the lunar calendar and not the solar one like ours.


What is the currency and how to manage money?

The official currency in Morocco is the dirham (MAD), with a fairly simple exchange: € 1 equals 10 dirhams. Travelers will have it very easy to quickly «figure out» how much things cost. However, on many occasions merchants, restaurants, hotels, will accept payments with €.


What, where and how to buy: haggling

One of the great tourist attractions of visiting Morocco is its rich and abundant local crafts, which we can find at affordable prices, especially if we practice the widespread haggling technique well.

Each city is specialized in a typical handicraft: Rabat: embroidery and carpet; Casablanca: leather goods and carpet from Mediouna; Meknes: woodwork and mosaics; Fez: blue pottery; Marrakech, leather and spices.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

In general, it is, although as always you have to use common sense and, for example, avoid walking alone late at night through the medinas of cities, attracting attention or being disrespectful in sacred places.


Essentials of Morocco, travel with Only One

Morocco is a very popular tourist destination that attracts all types of travelers. This corner of Africa will offer you, once you set foot on its lands, an exotic and varied gastronomic offer, the opportunity to get to know a different culture and, above all, it will give you the necessary energy to want to undertake that trip that you have longed for when discovering everything. that it has to offer you.

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