Whoever thinks that in African natural parks you can see animals like in a zoo better not even bother to buy your plane ticket.

They will let us see what they want, a lot, little or regular, fortune being a vital factor in our experience.

It is advisable to arm yourself with patience and not harass the ranger on duty if we have been half an hour and have not seen more than a herd of impalas.

We can be having a not very prolific morning in animals and in two minutes we will witness a spectacle that is not even in the National Geographic documentaries.

We are in the middle of nature and there are no fixed times or locations, although the expert guides will always try to make it easier for us with their valuable experience and coordination with other park or reserve workers in which we find ourselves. That is why it is ideal to know who you are going on a safari with because if it is with people who know, the chances of observing wildlife scenes in the wild will be much greater.

The important thing is not to despair, everything will come only when we least expect it.