Before traveling there are some expenses that we inevitably have to make in most cases. For example:

– Passport. If we do not have the passport or it has expired, we will have to get a new one. One issue to keep in mind is that in many countries they ask for a passport valid for more than six months, that is, if your passport expires in four months, you will not be able to enter those countries.

– Visas. One of the first things we must do when we have already decided the destination of our trip is to see if we need a visa for that country or not.

– Vaccines. According to the destination they have chosen, they will have to take some vaccines. In almost all countries there is a traveler assistance service so that a doctor can tell you what vaccines you need depending on your destination.

– Equipment. This will not always be a previous expense, since we can have everything we need and not need to buy anything. But, it can happen that someone needs to buy a backpack, a suitcase, some clothes, a quick-drying towel, spare batteries for the camera or for the computer, hygiene products, etc.

– Traveler’s insurance. For us, travel insurance is essential, especially if the trip is long and in distant countries. Spending is usually high and it is not what we like to spend the most on, but we know it is necessary.