Although it is not a continent where carnival is practiced as in the case of Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean; Africa have their unique and genuine way of living and enjoying this festivity.

In this article we are going to review some of the most colorful and fun carnivals on the African continent.


Carnival in Zimbabwe

The Harare International Carnival in Zimbabwe has also taken inspiration from Brazil and hosts a Brazilian-style carnival filled with colorful costumes and rhythmic music.

It is a newcomer to the carnival scene and was created to boost the economy and bring new employment opportunities to the city.


Cape Town Carnival

The Cape Town Carnival features an impressive procession with incredibly colorful costumes and aesthetically well-kept floats.

The first carnival attracted about 11,000 participants, but it has continued to grow so much that today it attracts about 50,000 people. According to the carnival organization, the Cape Town Carnival is all about growing the economy and creating jobs.


Mozambican Carnival

The Quelimane Carnival proclaims itself as the Carnival capital of Africa.

In this carnival, people wear their traditional attire as carnival costumes as well as huge animal costumes of tigers, roosters, rabbits or mice.


Carnival in Ghana

It is the most anticipated event of the year and in it many groups parade with incredible costumes and masks, through the main streets of the city. Crowds of thousands of people gather to enjoy this popular street carnival.


Carnival in Seychelles

The Victoria International Carnival is a vibrant and colorful carnival that offers you incredible costumes like the ones you would see in Brazil, as well as many fashionable dances. It is a fun and exciting show that is full of energy. This carnival is not celebrated before Lent, but in April of each year.