The fear of flying, the fear of living in a completely unknown place, the fear of experiencing changes, which are often positive, or the simple fear of being away from their loved ones are just some of the obstacles that many travelers must overcome in order to live new adventures.

In other words, traveling is a constant construction of memories, but sometimes the fear of traveling makes people deprive themselves of unparalleled opportunities.


-The day you are going to travel, avoid doing activities that generate stress so that when you arrive at the airport, you are as calm as possible and the flight is as bearable as possible.

-«Talk with a professional, no, not with a psychologist (although that can also help), but with an airline professional»,

-Sleeping during the flight is an excellent alternative to let the mind rest.

-When you book your flight, make sure you get a seat in the front part because the experts assure that in this part of the plane you feel less turbulence and in this way, the passengers are less affected.

-Caffeine, alcohol and foods high in sodium can make your heart race and this increases your anxiety. If you’re a nervous traveler, you’ll want to avoid all of these things before and during your flight.

-Reading a book, listening to relaxing music or watching a movie during the flight helps you not to think all the time that you are on board a plane and therefore, you can control stress and anxiety.

-Think about the destination to overcome your fear of flying.