To begin with, we must inform you that setting a specific date to decide when is the best time to travel to South Africa is not easy.

This popular destination not only has great scenic diversity but also many different climates: from a desert climate, through subtropical climatic conditions, to the Mediterranean climate and all this only in South Africa.

So any time of the year is good to visit South Africa, but which is the best?

Many travelers choose the months from December to January to visit South Africa, hence the high season. This is so, because it coincides with the South African summer, which is characterized by having a hot and dry climate.

Now, depending on the type of trip and the place to visit, you have to take into account the climate of each region. Thus, for a safari through the Kruger National Park, it is best to do it in the months of June to October. If you want to visit Cape Verde on the other hand, from September to November they are the most recommended. If the idea is to take a trip through the Garden Route, October to April will be the most suitable dates. Of course, keep in mind that December and January are in high demand by most tourists.


If what you want on your trip to South Africa is to see newborn animals, your chances are good from the end of November to the beginning of December, when the national parks are full of young.

Also, the birdlife is absolutely fantastic from December to February, when various species of birds such as the lesser kestrel and common kestrel migrate to the national parks.