There are, in addition to places; activities and unmissable dishes in some of the most iconic destinations in Africa.

Today discover the must-sees of Zimbabwe:


Piri Piri

You have to eat chicken piri piri at Coimbra restaurant in Harare and experience the colorful urban vibe of Africa, a plate of tender grilled chicken with a side of hand-cut fries and a garlic sauce to die for.


By the river

Take a sunset cruise aboard the new Zambesi Explorer and reserve a seat on the VIP upper deck.


Gin tonic

There is no better place to order a good gin and tonic than on the terrace of the Victoria Falls Hotel, in Stanley’s Bar. Here you can enjoy the colonial atmosphere with spectacular views.


Dried meat

Another must-try dish is Zimbabwean biltong, a very popular type of dried meat. In some supermarkets you can buy fresh and pay per kilo, in other places you buy packaged meat from different animals: kudu, springbok, beef, with or without chili.