They say that «Africa hooks» and we could not agree more. It is a whole continent with many differences between countries, regions, cultures, ethnic groups, governments, conflicts, landscapes, characters, gastronomies, customs, languages; In short, a continent with a thousand and one ways to give you an unforgettable experience.

Part of any trip to Africa is about overcoming fears; Sure! the information focused on poverty and precariousness is true, there is. But not throughout the continent, not at all times. And when you see what you get in return by venturing into it, you want to repeat. Maybe that’s the secret.



Africa is one of the most beautiful and fascinating continents in the world. From its overwhelming nature, its social diversity, its art and its culture. It offers hot deserts (Kalahari Desert in Botswana), vast savannah grasslands, majestic rivers and waterfalls (Zambezi River and Victoria Falls), incredible coastlines, mountains (Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania), and a very rich history.

Without a doubt, interaction with people is one of the greatest attractions in this part of the world. Each culture is different, with many languages, tasty gastronomy and a multitude of fascinating traditions, so it is recommended that you go with an open mind, so that you learn about everything that characterizes the African territory so much.

Imagen de <a href="">kone kassoum</a> en <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Imagen de kone kassoum en Pixabay