If you are thinking of traveling to Uganda, prepare to go in search of the last mountain gorillas on the planet.

Without a doubt, one of the best experiences in the curriculum of every traveler.


What to see on your safari in Uganda?

Trekking in search of gorillas

It is about trekking to see the mountain gorillas or silver backs, an endangered species totally protected by the authorities.


Walking safari in Uganda

In Ziwa you can enjoy one of the best walking safari experiences: walking accompanied by expert rangers, tracking the savannah until you reach these prehistoric creatures, the rhinos.


Look for the golden monkeys in Virunga

In the thick bamboo forests of the Virunga mountains, one goes out to look for this group of small primates, one of the rarest primate species in the world: the golden monkeys, which only inhabit the border between Rwanda, Uganda and the Republic of Democratic of the Congo.


wild camping

The opportunity to experience nature in its purest state is one of the best safari experiences in Uganda.