The Kingdom of Eswatini is an African kingdom (ex Swaziland) whose country name was revised in April 2018. A landlocked country between South Africa and Mozambique.

Once you know a little about this country, it is not difficult to recognize that it is a curious country in itself, with debatable traditions, controversial rulers and a most peculiar geographical situation.

So today we share with you the most interesting facts about Eswatini:

1- His name is no longer Swaziland, but he changed it to Eswatini or Kingdom of Eswatini in April 2018. The reason? The name Swaziland is the colonial name, a rough translation of ESwatini. The current King Mswati III decided that this was over and the official name of the country from now on would be Eswatini or Eswatini, which means «the place of the Swati» the majority ethnic group in the country.

2- . In addition, Eswatini is home to 132 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, 111 species of reptiles and amphibians and more than 3,500 species of native plants.

3- Within the Swazi culture, wealth is measured by the family’s head of cattle. The enclosure where the animals are kept is sacred and is considered to be where the spirits of their ancestors live.

4- Old traditions are maintained, such as the use of traditional Swazi clothing called emahiyo and in rural areas many families continue to live in rounded huts covered with dry grass, surrounded by reed fences called umuti.

5- Eswatini has 15% of the fauna recorded in southern Africa. It contains 17 natural reserves helping to preserve the country’s biodiversity, being a reference in the protection of rhinos.