The GG Conservation reserve in South Africa, focused on the care and research of 77 cats from captive spaces, offers this reverse zoo experience for 45 minutes from 110 euros.

The attraction is offered to travelers arriving at the Harrismith GG Conservation (Glen Garriff) Reserve, in the Free State, one of the nine provinces of South Africa and less than 300 kilometers from Johannesburg.

They assure, yes, that it is very safe, since the structure, two meters high and one wide, is covered with iron and highly resistant plexiglass, making it impossible for animals to break it. At least, for now, there has been no incident to regret.

The adventure lasts 45 minutes and usually takes place between 6:30 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. You can live alone or with another person (never more than two) and you have to be over 14 years old to get in there.

In addition, clients staying in the reserve have priority to get a place, since it also functions as an ecoresort in the middle of nature with two country houses, The Lion Lodge and The Lion House.