If there is a country that can change your perception of the world and at the same time teach you to open up to others and put yourself in their place, that is definitely Mozambique.

Mozambique is unexpected and playful, full of possibilities if you avoid your own expectations and lessons if you keep your eyes wide open.

So choosing a destination to get to know such a wonderful corner of the African continent will not be an easy task if you take into account the endless possibilities that each one offers. But today, from Only One, we have taken it upon ourselves to create a detailed list of the most iconic places in Mozambique.

So read to the end and take note.



Tofo is a bohemian place, and the foreign community that you will find there will delight you with nights of guitar and days of surfing, diving with whales and reading on the beach.


Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto is an archipelago of incredible beauty, with crystal clear turquoise waters where you can see small colorful fish. Its environment makes it a perfect place for diving and bird watching. Bazaruto is an Indian luxury if you have the right budget.


Golongosa National Park

Gorongosa is the name of a mountain and a natural park located in central Mozambique. The mountain is 1862 meters high towering over a low plain. The nature park is 4,000 square kilometers and is located in the southern part of the great Great Rift Valley. Gorongosa was chosen as a national park by the Portuguese government in 1960.


Mozambique Island

Its surprising architectural unity is due to the constant use of the same construction methods and materials (stone or macuti) since the 16th century, as well as the application of always identical ornamental principles.

A fun and increasingly common way to get to know the city is by bike, with or without a guide. The governor’s palace is today an interesting museum. The island has beaches and, if we want to sail to others, the typical thing is to do it in Arab dhow-type boats.