Rustic luxury, wildlife, and adventures on foot are keys to choosing the most interesting areas of Zambia and its national parks.

And, in this post we will talk a little about those most iconic places in the territory of Zambia, so read until the end and take note:


North Luangwa

A remote and unspoiled wilderness, aggressive landscapes and wildlife adventure make North and South Luangwa special. With just one way north, Luangwa is explored on foot. Conservation to preserve the black rhino is currently carried out with grassy plains, Mopani forests and sausage trees. The Mwaleshi River is fed by the main Luangwa River that flows down into its Brother park, South Luangwa.


South Luangwa

Walking south of Luangwa is the most exciting wildlife experience you can imagine, Seeing herds of elephants, impalas, pukus and Cookson’s endemic wildebeest within walking distance is amazing. The baboons taunt the elephants under the trees by taunting them with the fruits, causing the herd to leave unsatisfied. The giraffe gracefully moves to a less noisy area while watching the agitated elephants in fascination.


Kafue National Park

The variety of habitats and seasonal wetlands in the period from December to June is generally inaccessible and for the camps that are still open you will need a wet weather kit. The plains of Busanga in the dry season lions and roan antelopes are abundant. Kafue plays an important role in protecting endangered wild dog populations that are constantly under threat. Between June and October you will be able to see lions climbing on a fig tree.


Lower Zambezi

Lower Zambezi wildlife is colorful and full of adventure, you can explore this unique and diverse area with a safari on foot or by canoe. Situated just on the opposite side of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools has a mountainous escarpment that provides a beautiful backdrop for any African sunset. As the wild boar darts into the distance, the elephants play for male dominance. The lion, hyena, buffalo and leopard are also seen with elephants crossing the Zambezi in the dry season.





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