Going on a safari on foot is a very different experience, not only will you have to carry out a greater physical effort but you will also have to take extreme precautions so as not to suffer any mishap due to the proximity of wild animals.

However, a walking safari is something that is not within everyone’s reach. For example, if you travel with children, you should take into account that children under 14 years of age cannot participate in this kind of walks. And sometimes, this limitation will extend to those under 16 years of age.

Going through the savannah on foot will allow you to appreciate the African landscape from a totally different point of view. Of course, on these types of routes it is especially important that you respect the guidelines on what not to do on safari at all times. You cannot hide behind the camera without paying attention to what is happening around you because a wrong step can lead to an unwanted accident. Obey the instructions of your guide and do not get lost.

In short, going on a walking safari is an immersive experience during which you will be able to observe plants and animals first hand. You will feel like a true explorer surrounded by the most exotic nature.