Gondar, located in the northwest of Ethiopia, is a really special and atypical city in this country. Looking at its many castles and walled complexes it is easy to imagine why it is called the Camelot of Africa.

Gonder was the capital of Ethiopia from 1632 to 1855, and has the remains of castles and palaces built by a number of Fasilides emperors. In its heyday there were 65,000 people living and its fame and opulence crossed borders.

Despite the sacking of the city by the Sudanese dervishes and the bombing by the English aviation during the Second World War, its heritage is in a very good state of preservation. The most important buildings are the castle of Fasilides and the palace of Iyasu the Great.

Only a few of the 44 churches said to have existed in Gonder in the 18th century survive, but the city remains an important center for the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

Today a city in which it is worth spending a couple of days to visit all its buildings.

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