The country of the nearly extinct mountain gorilla is visited by travelers who wish to venture into this dynamic part of the African continent to encounter the highly threatened, charismatic and majestic mountain gorilla.

If you are one of these adventure addicts, today is your lucky day! Because today we bring you 2 of the best tours in Rwanda that you cannot miss.


2.Rwanda gorilla chimpanzee meeting 7 days

Rwanda is called «Land of a Thousand Hills» from mountainous terrain, and its land is covered with green mountainous areas. On the tour, you will be able to meet wildlife such as gorillas and chimpanzees in the national park while learning the history of Rwanda and touching nature.

We set up chimpanzee trekking in Nguyen National Park one day and gorilla trekking day in Volcano National Park.

When you are free, we recommend going to the African souvenirs at the local market. We touch untouched nature, like waterfalls and Lake Kibu. We are going on a tour of Rwanda full of charm to spend in a small country!


Gorilla tour in Rwanda, 4 days

The tour starts from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and we transfer to the Volcano National Park the next day with a private car.
After arrival we will go on an expedition in search of gorillas. In the park, gorilla tracking is limited to 8 people per day, the time limit that you can spend with the gorilla is 1 hour.

You can search for gorillas with a group of specialized guides.

The gorilla encounter rate is over 90%, and if you’re lucky, you might meet a cute baby gorilla!
A special permit is required to enter the national park, and the proceeds are used to protect endangered gorillas.