«How can I find out which are the recommended and required travel vaccinations for the country I want to visit?» This is one of the most frequently asked questions when traveling to new destinations.

In this article we will provide you with the necessary information as a guide in your next travel planning:


In addition to the generally recommended vaccinations, depending on the destination where you are going to spend your holidays, you will find that they require or advise certain specific vaccinations.

To find out which vaccines are mandatory or recommended in a nation, you can consult:

The official page of the consulate of your country in said destination. In it you will find precise and updated indications of the places where the contagion of specific diseases is possible, as well as advice to follow to avoid infections. Generally, this information is found in the «Travel Recommendations» section in the section on the health of the country.

The official tourism pages of each country. Although in many of them they only tell you if there are mandatory vaccines.