Considering the geographical situation of the continent, the climate of Africa is generally tropical, although temperatures vary in its different regions:

In Africa, when we talk about the climate, we must distinguish between several differentiated regions or areas, on the one hand, the Mediterranean climate, from areas such as the north of Morocco, the north of Algeria, the north of Libya and the north of Egypt in addition to Tunisia . Further south we find the desert climate, which we find in the center and south of the aforementioned countries, as well as the savannah, and finally, the oceanic climate of the south, in countries like South Africa, with subtropical temperatures.

Firstly, the climate that predominates in almost the entire continent of African culture is warm, with its consequent variants:

Equatorial: characterized by high temperatures and abundant rains, it affects the countries of the central region such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo and Madagascar.

Humid tropical: with similar typologies than the previous one, although cooler, it covers the territories of the Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique.

Dry tropical: it has high temperatures and little precipitation that is limited to the rainy season, comprising most of the Sahara desert and the coast of Namibia.

Desert: with very high temperatures during the day and very low at night, it is distinguished by its low rainfall and frequent sand storms, contemplating the Kalahari deserts and a sector of the Sahara.