As the light comes out, the dark truth behind many tourist activities dedicated to wildlife calls us to our attention, making us aware of the urgency of betting on responsible tourism.

Traveling as well as being the door to discover not only incredible places, but also other cultures and open your mind to thousands of new stimuli; It can become the possibility of putting into practice everything that allows us to get involved with nature in a responsible way.

However, recognizing that we should be more mindful is only part of the solution – the key is to learn exactly what this means and put it into practice. So in this guide we will teach you in a few steps how to be a responsible traveler with wildlife.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that animals are not fun.

If on your trip you want to see animals, the best thing you can do is find a place where you can observe them in their natural habitat or visit them at a certified wildlife sanctuary that only allows them to be contemplated, so that the animals are free to manifest their natural behavior. »

Believe us when we tell you that nothing enriches as much as an experience with animals that are not uncomfortable in the presence of tourists.


Other recommendations not to screw up are:

  • Hire responsible companies for the sighting of wild animals, at no time do you have to interact with them.
  • Do not feed wildlife, including underwater ones. We change their behavior and litter their habitat, among other things.
  • Keep your distance from animals.



Another way to be a responsible traveler is to try to generate less garbage.

The truth is that in many countries the waste management system is very poor or directly null and unfortunately they end up either in the sea or in the air, because they burn them. And what can you do? Look at your garbage, analyze what waste you generate and find a way to replace it with others that are not so aggressive with the environment.


Promote local development

You must make the experience of your trip enriching both for you and for the community you visit.

When you buy a service, make sure you pay a fair price for it. Consume local products and taste the gastronomy of the country in restaurants run by locals. If you consider taking a souvenir with you, support traditional crafts. In this way you favor the development of its economy.


Sustainable accommodation

Eco-friendly hotels have come to stay. They make a difference and provide added value: they have a sustainable architecture, work with green suppliers and take active measures for the efficient use of energy and water.

Choose to spend your delicious vacation in one of these hotels.




And, yú, are you ready to be an increasingly responsible tourist? We trust that it is.