Well, the day has come. You finally booked your flight. Your trip is about to begin and, you have to put together that thing that will be your most faithful companion during the trip, your backpack.

But how to choose a travel backpack? What is the difference between various brands? Find everything you need to know here.


Have you ever thought about how a quality backpack can make your trip even better? Well, trust us when we tell you that choosing a quality backpack will really change your perspective of an enjoyable trip as soon as you buy it and wear it during your trip.

Traveling with a backpack is going to give you one of the most important things when traveling. Flexibility. And, although these suitcases on wheels may seem «elegant», it is not the most comfortable, if comfort is what you are looking for when moving on your trip.


How to choose a travel backpack:

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right backpack for you.



There is no single truth about the size of a backpack. Each size has its pros and cons. Just be honest with yourself and think about what’s next.



Knowing how many straps your backpack has and where they are located is very important.

The weight has to be distributed equally throughout the body. Using the waist straps makes your upper body carry the weight of the backpack in a more “smart” way. This is going to affect, in a good way, your entire trip.



Polyester, leather, canvas, nylon. Once again you have to think about what kind of trip you are going to do. Are you going to visit countries with high temperatures? Are you going to travel to Africa in the rainy season? Are you going to travel sandy and dusty roads?



When choosing a travel backpack, you need a backpack with enough pockets to carry all these things. And to carry them close.