First of all you must understand that the purpose of any insurance is to mitigate or eliminate risk, that is, if there is a risk of getting sick or having an accident, the insurance covers that risk.

If you think that your trip is at risk of losing your suitcase, passport, having your electronics stolen or you are going to do an extreme activity such as skydiving, mountaineering or even there is a risk of being in a natural disaster area such as hurricanes or earthquakes, the The insurance you choose must be able to eliminate or cover those risks.

For this reason, international health insurance is something you have to have when you travel.


In all trips there are risks but these risks vary depending on each person, travel style and destination.


At the end of the day, although all insurances have similar characteristics, you must choose one that suits your personal needs and style.

With all of the above, how do you choose the best international travel medical insurance?

The main problem that arises when you try to buy international travel insurance is understanding the clauses and exclusions.

Don’t worry, there are simple ways to define what you need, understand the clauses and choose insurance, that’s what this article is about.

Ask what your medical expenses coverage is, what medical expenses are valid, in which countries it is valid, if it includes additional coverage such as lost luggage, how to make them valid… etc.

Even more important than knowing what is included is important to know what is not and when it is NOT valid. It would be a bad experience to go to a medical consultation believing that your insurance includes it and later discover that it is not. So make sure you have in writing everything that your insurance does NOT include.

Normally you can ask your bank for this information by phone but it is important to have it in writing, it is usually on the website, if not, ask your bank to send it to you by email.