If you want to take a trip, but you need or want company, you probably want to make a good choice to enjoy your adventure with the best energy by your side.

Follow these tips to find out how to choose a good travel companion:


-Dominate the little dictator that you have inside and do not allow the other to appear. In the balance is the success of the trip.

-Always choose active people, with a great sense of adventure and humor. Of course, as long as these qualities make you feel comfortable.

-A good partner does not force you to share all the activities that he wants to do, but he respects that you prefer the hammock to diving. And vice versa.

-Finding a partner who fits our time cycles as closely as possible allows us to be relaxed and/or asleep throughout the trip.

-A good travel companion adapts to all those unforeseeable situations that appear on the trip. So choose a person who knows how to adapt quickly.

-Share your likes. Only in this way will you avoid bored faces in a museum, clubs with music you can’t stand or endless trips.